Bill Ross with Neil Keenan in Europe
Bill Ross with Neil Keenan in Europe

Introduction to BRT Healing Computer

Oct 08 2017

The BRT Healing Computer is miraculous technology for your possible healthcare alternative. The 'Harmonizer Computer' can be used to treat any person - with the only exceptions being pregnant women, children under the age of 12 years, people with pacemaker implants, and people with large metal body part replacements.


The 'Harmonizer Computer' technology optimizes the Human immune system to its maximum operational level, in order to deal with any diseases of the body, including mental / psychotic issues. In short, this technology will heal anything that the Human immune system can resolve itself - when it is working unhindered and at its greatest possible capacity.


The immune system protects the body against disease or other potentially damaging foreign bodies. When functioning properly, the immune system identifies and attacks a variety of threats, including viruses, bacteria and parasites, while distinguishing them from the body’s own healthy tissue.


The Human body can heal itself of any disease - however because of factors such as environmental toxins most people's immune systems are compromised, which leads to disease. When used regularly, this technology maintains the body's immune system at such a high level that any and all detrimental intrusions (chemicals, toxins, pollutants, and other detrimental materials ingested into the body) will be repelled, and the body will be cleared and cleansed by way of its own natural processes.


Here are good examples of the various ailments that can be treated with this amazing technology:


• Addiction


• Allergies

• Anxiety

• Arthritis

• Candida (all Parasites)

• Cancer

• Cystic Fibrosis

• Depression

• Diabetes

• Eczema

• Fatigue (including Adrenal)

• Heavy metal poisoning

• Mental Retardation issues

• Morgellons Syndrome

• Multiple Sclerosis

• Nerve damage

• Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

• Psoriasis

• Psychosis

• Spinal Cord injuries

• Vision impairment

• Weight Gain (often due to Addiction)


The main concept of this technology is not to fight against disease but to boost the immune system in order to most effectively fight against disease. By enabling the Human immune system to operate at its optimal level, the body naturally repels all detrimental matter including parasites, fungus, worms and literally anything and everything that does not belong in the Human body.


The 'Harmonizer Computer' works with Biofeedback and millions of frequencies and is not comparable to other healing machines currently available, especially those that use only 1,000 - 2,000 frequencies. This is the Best of the Best latest equipment technology and far superior than anything out there. There is currently no definitive list of treatable ailments, but in principle this system will treat any disease, because the immune system is capable of healing any ailment when it is operating at its highest potential.


The core operating principle of this technology is to find any weakness in the immune system (usually caused by illness / fungus / worms / parasites / toxins) and to enable the optimization of the immune system / metabolism to fight against anything detrimental to the body. This technology will search out and find existing problems within the human body almost immediately. No blood tests are required. Immediate findings are made within 2-3 minutes, a diagnostic reading is given and then the healing process begins; the duration of which is approximately 18-20 minutes per session. The number of sessions required is entirely dependent on the ailments discovered and of course, the age and general condition of the patient. Records are kept within the system regarding patients in order to track progress.


We cannot emphasize strongly enough that there is no other healing system in existence that is comparable to this technology in terms of strength or effectiveness.


Source: System Co-Developer Recent Developments:


One of the first people to take advantage of the limited offer of private sales of the 'Harmonizer Computer' was an elderly lady who was in late stage suffering of Pancreatic cancer - she had been told she was about to die. Six days after beginning treatment on the ' Harmonizer Computer' this patient was tested and pronounced to be free of all cancerous tumors and brain metastasis by her Doctor. The Doctor was stunned and declared this healing technology to be "Futuristic". Another recipient of ' Harmonizer Computer' treatment had Lupus, and that person was cleared of Lupus after one month of treatments. Other people have presented with influenza and the common cold and have been immediately treated; reinstated to being completely well again in just one treatment session. The establishment claims there is no cure for the common cold, that there is no cure for Lupus, and that there is no cure for Cancer – and yet we appear to have all three of them successfully addressed here.


Additionally, in Brazil an AIDS-specific treatment program using the 'Harmonizer Computer' has seen complete recovery from patients with AIDS within one month. These machines are being used quietly to effectively treat the AIDS epidemic in Brazil. It is important to acknowledge that every person is unique in the responses of their body, and the time taken for complete recovery from any disease is going to vary depending on how quickly their body is able to respond to the treatment. You just never know how many sessions it would take to start getting a positive result with any illness problem. But we have been getting positive feedback that they start feeling better after 1-10 sessions. The younger you are (usually) the quicker results because of less miles on the body and organs. Kind a like the difference between repairing an older car and a newer car and the amount of damage condition of the car. I hope that makes sense. The computer starts to rebuild the immune system and all organs by bringing their frequencies back up to where they should be instead of remaining at typically lower frequencies because of illness putting pressures on the immune and organ systems where it cannot work normally. When the immune system has been taxed it cannot send the army out to attack the enemy that has attacked your body. You need to have enough sessions where the frequencies are now holding at the new normal levels to allow the immune system to start fighting off whatever is attacking the body. Every individual is different at healing their bodies. No one heals at the same rate, so the results may vary.


NOTE: Another topic that has surfaced often is that of metallic implants. Electronic implants such as pacemakers are not compatible because they would stop working during the scanning / session process. However, with metallic implants this is not the issue. Small implants such as tooth fillings and staples are fine, and unless a person was to have something metal in their body the size of a titanium femur (not that they would – but to provide an idea of scale) they can still be treated. The only issue with metallic implants is that they interfere with the scanning process, not the healing process. And so, people with metal implants can still benefit from the healing processes of this technology, just usually not the scanning analysis component.


We hope this helps you understand the process and look forward to helping you or your family member with this technology if you are able to travel or stay for all the sessions that may be needed. We like to have 3-4 sessions in a row (one session every 24 hours) with 2-3 days off so the body organs can adjust to the new frequencies and to see how well they are holding and how you are feeling. Then continue with 3-4 more and another few days off. The body needs to readjust to the new frequencies and to show it is holding and you may also experience detoxing too. You know your body and you can feel free to make treatment arrangements that fit your lifestyle and your personal situation.


Love, Light, and Blessings,




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