What we can do for you!

We are all one Humanity, each of us brothers and sisters. Help us to help others
as we expand our Global Humanitarian Organization!


Basic Human Services

We strive to assist our fellow Humans in the most important ways possible: shelter, clean water, and good food.


Sustainable Construction

Our non-profit will promote and provide sustainable methods and materials that focus on carbon neutral solutions.


New Technologies

Investment and Consulting will be focused on new technologies that will expand the Human experience.


Holistic Healing Clinics

We utilize both traditional and state-of-the-art holistic healing techniques for whole body individual health.

Urgent Causes

At this present time, MEINTU is supporting The Greater Boston Food Bank with regular, life-saving donations.

Please help us help others.


About Us

MEINTU was started by a small group of humanitarians who are devoted to making permanent changes in this world, project-by-project, and person-by-person. Our main areas of focus are:


  •   Basic Human Services
  •   Sustainable Construction



  •   New Technologies
  •   Holistic Healing Clinics


And when the time is just right, seize the opportunity to begin "Healing the soul of  the world" person by person, project by project, community by community until what was broken with our precious planet is fixed and sacred species will be fully restored.

Volunteer Needed

Welcome to MEINTU

Join our team of volunteers to learn new skills and meet new friends. Whether playing with children, helping families find their way or answering phones, our volunteers make a difference that often eases stress for families during difficult times.

Join In

Executive Team

Our executive management team, their roles and responsibilities


William Ross

Managing Director

Manages the day-to-day organization activities, strategy,
operations, funding allocation and placement, and all
non-profit fundraising.



Corina Arellano

Director of Regional Placement

Responsible for the development of projects for fund
placement. Bilingual specialist for South American
humanitarian initiatives.